Sebastian "Hoppip" Gabl

About me

Software Developer.
Interested in game development, modding, networking, automation and AI.
Working with Javascript/Typescript, Lua, C# and others.

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My work

You can find a small selection of my previous and current work below.


Research and educational projects I was part of or contributed to.


Various icon and graphic designs for the non-profit organization Catrobat and their apps PocketCode and PocketPaint.


Programming work and app design for the Augmented and Virtual Reality educational MiReBooks project.

Mods & Add-Ons

This section contains modifications and add-ons for games.


Modifications for the game PAYDAY 2 that change gameplay, add quality of life features, tweak game mechanics or add other fun stuff.

Exalted Emerald

A modification of the GameBoy Advance game Pokémon Emerald that aims to modernize outdated game mechanics and includes quality of life improvements.

Default Improved

Resource pack for the game Minecraft that adds details to vanilla textures and PBR materials for use with shaders.

Vanilla PBR

Resource pack for the game Minecraft that adds PBR materials for vanilla textures for use with shaders.


Initially I used GameMaker to create a bunch of simple and also some more complex games. For later projects I've mainly been using Unity.

Hard Recoil

A cooperative multiplayer top-down shooter featuring five distinct player classes and multiple missions.


A mini-game based on a comic about Skyrim town guards where you have to evade arrows shot at your knee as long as possible.


A Minesweeper clone with customizable field size and mine amount.

The Night Santa Went Crazy

A gift juggling game where you have to control Santa's elves to help them save the gifts Santa is throwing away.


An endless tower defense game featuring an online highscore.

Note Game language is German
Battle Tanks Online 2

A top-down multiplayer shooter game featuring different game modes and customizable tanks.

Hangman Online

A simple multiplayer Hangman game.

Note Game language is German

A survival game where you play a homeless person trying to make it through the day. This game was made for the game design lecture at my university.